The Success Algorithm eBook

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The Success Algorithm = a

An algorithm is a set of steps that can be followed to achieve a result.

The Success Algorithm (a) is a methodology contained within seven important variables. Success as I consider it is using a proven methodology to achieve predictable results over a sustainable period.

Algorithms, once understood, can be repeated with incredible accuracy.

Achieving predictable results is what you can expect from the Success Algorithm. Of course, results vary from time to time, but predictable results can be achieved over extended periods of time by repeatedly using the proven methodologies contained within the Success Algorithm.

Impactful wealth and lifestyle benefits can only be achieved through enjoying sustainable success and compounding leverage through the Success Algorithm.


This 20 videos series reveals the twenty most frequently asked questions that business owners challenge me on in relation to creating sustainable business success.

Why develop and document a strategy when it is clear in my head?


How do I develop a winning strategy for my business?


How much should I be earning for all the hard work I put into my business?