Whatever your challenge, The Fourth Moon will guide you through each stage of your journey to achieving your ultimate goal. 

Bourke’s Fourth Moon metaphor is simple, elegant and proven. Once the underlying principles are understood managers, business owners and their teams can immediately take action by following a simple step-by-step process.

The Fourth Moon - Darren Bourke



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How to escape the mire of day-to-day business operations, transform the way your business operates, and achieve spectacular and sustainable success?

In his narrative-driven book, The Fourth Moon, Melbourne-based business coach and mentor Darren K Bourke draws on 25 years’ experience to identify and explore the four universal elements of business success – Strategy, Implementation, Maintenance and Leverage.

The Fourth Moon recounts the story of fictitious IT entrepreneur Tom Dylan who, like so many small to medium business owners feels bogged down and paralysed by the day-to-day operational demands of his business. Tom commits, at first reluctantly, to embark on a mission to reach The Fourth Moon – a place where business owners leverage true success within all aspects of their business and personal life.

Bourke employs the medium of metaphor to trace Tom’s business journey via the four moons of Jupiter discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei. Each of Galileo’s four moons represents a different stage in Tom’s mission:

The First Moon: Io – Strategy.
The Second Moon: Europa – Implementation.
The Third Moon: Ganymede – Maintenance.
The Fourth Moon: Callisto – Leverage.

En route to The Fourth Moon, Bourke introduces Tom to the concepts of Mission Planning, Mission and Crew Goals, Mission Meetings and disciplines designed to instill strategy and structure around business operations. And Bourke examines some of the traits common to successful entrepreneurs he’s worked with in the past: patience, open-mindedness and perseverance.

Offering accessible, practical, step-by-step processes that any manager, entrepreneur, business owner and team can implement, The Fourth Moon outlines time-tested, proven, easy-to-action strategies for achieving spectacular success in business and in life.

Entrepreneurs who reach The Fourth Moon can expect to:

  • Earn higher profits.
  • Work less if they wish to.
  • Create more lifestyle options for themselves.
  • Increase personal net worth.
  • Be truly authentic and in control of their lives.
  • Maximise the value of their business.
  • Breathe new life into their daily routines.
  • Refine their life’s purpose and meaning.


‘’The power of metaphor is that it can unlock new ways of seeing reality. The Fourth Moon uses both metaphor and narrative to teach a novel way to look at the entire structure and operation of your business.’’

Todd Henry, author of Die Empty

‘’Entrepreneurs are so busy building and then running their businesses that they rarely get to an ideal place where they are able to work less, enjoy more, and still continue to grow. The Fourth Moon is that place and Darren shows you how you can reach it in this fun and interesting book.’’

David Meerman Scott, international bestselling author of ''The New Rules of Marketing and PR'' and ''Marketing the Moon''

‘Told through elegant metaphor and story, Bourke provides a compelling blueprint for sustainable success that any business can follow.’’

Scott Duffy, best-selling author of Launch.

5.0 out of 5 Stars - A Refreshing Read!

”I read this book and immediately liked its style. Something refreshingly easy to follow and remember. I have plenty of theoretical business text books that weigh me down as I attempt to pick out the parts that I can use to improve my small and very busy business. I picked up a few great tips that I could immediately implement in my business, for that I am most grateful. I didn’t need to sit in a conference for pearls of wisdom to pop out about business success, I could download a book, have it read over a few hours and get back to business. Love it!”

Sonia Miller - March 26, 2015

5.0 out of 5 Stars - I like this book and think it is well worth reading!

”It is very well written (and I cannot stand books that are poorly written, as so many are), and he strikes a great balance - I was concerned it may be too dry but I don’t think it is at all, in fact I found it very engaging. But by the same token, it’s not patronising either - so it’s not too dumbed down. Well worth a read.”

Ross Cameron - June 4, 2015

5.0 our of 5 Stars

”The Fourth Moon is a significant tool that I refer to and utilise on a daily basis in my role as General Manager.”

Amazon Customer - February 8, 2016