Fourth Moon Mastery - Online Business Coaching


Benefits of Online Business Coaching

  • Earn Super Profits

Fourth Moon Mastery business coaching is ideally suited to businesses with annual sales revenue of between $1M-$10M with a focus on achieving a net operating profit of between $300,000 - $500,000 (Tier 1) or $500,000-$1,000,000 (Tier 2). Tier 1 & Tier 2 profit levels are a target guide only and are dependent on your business structure, size, industry and profit margins.

  • Withdraw Super Profits for Shareholder & Crew Reward

Fourth Moon Mastery teaches you how to adopt a safe, sensible and systematic Takeout Policy to getting your profits out of the business to reward shareholders and crew.

  • Create Sustainable Success

Create sustainable success through learning the secret of periodically orbiting the first three moons to replenish your strategy, before returning to the sanctuary of the Fourth Moon.

  • Work less if you want

Fourth Moon Mastery business coaching can dramatically reduce your working hours if you want to.

  • Maximize your Business Value and be Sale-Ready

Fourth Moon Mastery educates you on how to maximize your business value over time to be ‘sale- ready’. Businesses that are ‘sale-ready’ receive higher-priced offers from potential buyers.

  • Diversify Risk & create Multiple Income Streams

Fourth Moon Mastery focuses on you creating multiple streams of income. This reduces risk through diversification.

  • Financial Freedom through Personal Net Worth

Fourth Moon Mastery business coaching focuses on you creating multiple streams of income. This reduces risk through diversification.

  • Leverage your Future through a Succession Plan

Fourth Moon Mastery business coaching instructs you to develop a measured plan for succession and execute it effectively.

  • Adopt the Fourth Moon Psyche

    • Reduce stress and feel in control through a structured and systematic approach to running your business
    • Attract money easier in knowing how to make it consistently and predictably
    • Introduce more options to yourself and your family through leveraging your life
    • Live authentically, confident in the knowledge you can choose your own activities – whether business or personal.
    • Adopt exciting new habits around periodic refreshment and reinvention
    • Create free time available to develop new skills and take up new hobbies and interests
    • Escape the outdated concept of ‘Work’ and ignore the ‘Retirement Fallacy’
    • Refine your life’s purpose and meaning
  • Save Money

Fourth Moon Mastery business coaching saves you money costing you only a fraction of the annual one-to-one consulting fees which range from $24,000 to $48,000.


It is the complete and comprehensive summary of the success strategies contained within The Fourth Moon containing twenty eight (28) steps (modules) packed full of information to help you achieve sustainable success.

Content is in three convenient digital formats suitable to all learning preferences:

  1. The Complete Guide (PDF documents)
  2. Audio
  3. Video
Fourth Moon Mastery
  • Fourth Moon Mastery guides you step by step from launching your journey to reaching the Fourth Moon.
  • It can be easily implemented by any business.
  • The techniques are broken down into easy to understand steps for business owners and their teams to implement.
  • The materials are all conveniently digital and accessible immediately.
  • Fourth Moon Mastery can be used on a range of devices.
  • Access Fourth Moon Mastery in any environment – the office, home study, in the car, the gym or even the air.
  • Read, listen or watch on your PC, laptop or tablet.
  • Learn and implement Fourth Moon Mastery at your own pace.
  • Provide access to your management team and crew.
  • FMM contains the methodologies actually used by clients paying $24,000 to $48,000 per annum in fees.
  • The digital content can be read, listened to or watched over again to aid comprehension and ensure you implement the success strategies efficiently and effectively.
  • FMM is written and spoken individually by Darren Bourke delivering authentic expert commentary directly from the author of The Fourth Moon.
  • There is a complete toolkit of handy proven templates and resources (26) included for you to implement within your business immediately.
  • The theory, case studies and examples used have been observed, developed and implemented in hundreds of businesses just like yours.


Section 1 - Strategy

  • How to develop a strategy to guide you and your stakeholders
  • Why developing a niche is so important
  • How to objectively analyze your products, services, pricing and fulfillment to re-engineer your offering
  • How to conduct a Customer Stocktake and eliminate bad customers that are difficult to deal with
  • Why you should set Budgets, Targets & Key Metrics to measure your business performance against
  • How to recreate your Organizational Chart as a Crew Chart, appoint a management team and dramatically reduce the level of reliance on you
  • How to set Crew Goals for each individual crew member to optimize their performance and develop Mission Management to drive operations
  • How to set up Mission Meetings to create organization functionality
  • How to document your top five Mission Goals in a single page Mission Plan and create an Annual Calendar to guide you through the year

Section 2 - Implementation

  • How to hold a Launch to educate, engage and empower your management team and crew to drive achievement of the Mission Plan
  • How to implement Mission Management within your business so that you have the right people doing the right things
  • How to implement Mission Meetings to make running the business easier and more effective
  • How to implement your product and service offering within your chosen niche
  • How to define your ideal customer and implement a customer strategy to attract them
  • How to implement your niche strategy

Section 3 - Maintenance

  • Learn the importance of the Stakeholder Quadrant and how the four participants can dramatically influence the success of your business
  • How to set up your Dashboard Reporting to manage your business through accurate and timely performance measurement
  • Learn the importance of maintaining your Dashboard Reporting regime
  • Learn why the systemization of your business processes acts as glue to hold your strategy together
  • How to set up an easy fail-safe system for conducting maintenance audits on your strategy so that you stay on course for success

Section 4 - Leverage

  • Learn about ‘Super Profits’ and how they can set you up for life
  • How to adopt a Takeout Policy to withdraw profits out of the business and reward crew, all funded from ‘Super Profits’
  • How to work less hours if you want to
  • How to maximize the value of your business and be sale-ready in the future
  • Why you should diversify risk through creating multiple streams of income
  • How to create financial freedom through your personal net worth
  • How to leverage your future through developing a Succession Plan
  • Learn the success secrets of adopting a Fourth Moon psyche


Introduction to Fourth Moon Mastery

1.1  Develop Strategy
1.2  Choose Niche
1.3  Analyze Products, Services, Pricing & Fulfillment
1.4  Conduct Customer Stocktake
1.5  Set Budgets, Targets & Key Metrics
1.6  Create Crew Chart & appoint Management Team
1.7  Create Crew Goals & Mission Management
1.8  Establish Mission Meetings
1.9  Draft and document Mission Plan & create Annual Calendar
Templates & Resources - Strategy

2.1  Launch Mission Plan
2.2  Implement Mission Management
2.3  Implement Mission Meetings
2.4  Implement Product & Service Offering
2.5  Define Ideal Customer and implement customer strategy
2.6  Implement Niche strategy
Templates & Resources - Implementation

3.1  Optimize Stakeholder Quadrant
3.2  Engineer Dashboard Reporting
3.3  Maintain Dashboard Reporting
3.4  Systemize Business Processes
3.5  Conduct Maintenance Audits
Templates & Resources - Maintenance

4.1 Leverage Earnings through Super Profits
4.2 Leverage Takeout & Crew Reward
4.3 Leverage Working Hours
4.4 Leverage Business Value and be Sale-Ready
4.5 Leverage Risk and create Multiple Income Streams
4.6 Leverage Financial Freedom through Personal Net Worth
4.7 Leverage your Future through a Succession Plan
4.8 Adopt the Fourth Moon Psyche



  • Crew Chart Example (Dylan IT)
  • Crew Goals Example (Dylan IT)
  • Crew Goals Template
  • Mission Management Notes
  • Crew Review Template
  • Annual Performance Review Template
  • Annual Remuneration Review Template
  • Mission Plan Example (Dylan IT)
  • Mission Plan Template
  • Annual Calendar Example


  • Management Launch Agenda Example
  • Crew Launch Agenda Example
  • Mission Management Calendar (Dylan IT)
  • Operations Meeting Example Agenda
  • Sales Meeting Example Agenda
  • Finance & Business Admin Meeting Example Agenda
  • Management Team Meeting Example Agenda
  • Quarterly Crew Meeting Example Agenda
  • Mission Meeting Calendar (Dylan IT)


  • Monthly Dashboard (Example: Monthly Dashboard Dylan IT)
  • Niche Metrics (Example: Niche Metrics Dylan IT)
  • Service/Product Statistics (Example: IT Consulting Statistics Dylan IT)
  • Sales Statistics (Example: Sales Statistics Dylan IT)
  • Mission Meeting Register
  • Mission Management Register     
  • Timeline and process for system creation (Example: Dylan IT)

Buy Fourth Moon Mastery Program


The Program

A comprehensive 28 module step by step digital guide to sustainable business success. The program includes guides, videos and audio recordings as well as a toolkit of templates and resources.

Who is Fourth Moon Mastery for?

Business owners, entrepreneurs and management teams of small & medium businesses typically with annual sales revenues of $1M-$10M.

Fourth Moon Mastery

The Benefits of Fourth Moon Mastery

  • Learn how to devise and document a winning strategy
  • Analyze your products and services in a fresh & innovative way
  • Define and leverage a niche that showcases your key talents
  • Conduct a Customer Stocktake, work with people you like and wow them
  • Create a management team that makes the business less reliant on you
  • Engage, empower and reward crew for playing a bigger game
  • Introduce internal management practices that create rhythm, flow and ease to running your business
  • Introduce Dashboard Reporting to measure performance and maintain success
  • Systemize business processes for continuous business improvement 
  • Earn Super Profits
  • Adopt a Takeout Policy to safely and systematically withdraw Super Profits
  • Work less hours if you want to and pursue wider lifestyle choices
  • Diversify risk by creating multiple income streams
  • Create financial freedom through building Net Personal Worth
  • Leverage your future through a Succession Plan
  • Adopt the winning mindset of a Fourth Moon Psyche
  • Save money as Fourth Moon Mastery costs less than one coaching session

My Guarantee

I want to provide small & medium businesses with the best advice, techniques and resources I can offer. No hype. No BS.
So if you are not completely satisfied with Fourth Moon Mastery within 365 DAYS of purchase, simply send me an email and I will refund your money in full.

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