The evolution of online content has fast-tracked learning. Before starting Master Moons, group members are provided access to a comprehensive online business coaching program. This 28 module program includes video, audio and a guide that outlines the techniques and disciplines recommended for your business model. Complementing this content are templates and resources that you can plug into your business right away.
You complete the online program prior to the first group session, which means you show up already understanding the methodology and ready to get stuck into implementation.


At three intervals throughout the year in between group sessions, you will have a private 1-1 coaching call with me to keep you on track.
In these calls, we will monitor progress on your key goals together and I will provide advice on resolving your biggest challenges as well as exploring emerging opportunities.


At the commencement of Master Moons, you will be allocated a Buddy. You and your Buddy will partner each other on a peer to peer basis throughout the year.
Every quarter, in between group sessions, you and your Buddy will catch up together (in person or online) to support each other’s progress.


All Master Moon participants will have the ability to communicate together online throughout the year. Peer-to-peer community support is encouraged.


Accountability is a key cornerstone of Master Moons.
Participating business owners must come to play. With a focus on implementation, you must possess a drive and commitment to change and constant improvement. You must be fanatical on following up on agreed actions in implementing your strategy.

Remember that no-one can stop you being successful.
Business owners that create a successful business model are doers. They achieve success through adopting core disciplines and accepting accountability for ‘running the lines’ of their gameplan.


The Master Moons group is based on community. The ‘more you give the more you get’.
Business owners are required to ‘give’ in proactively supporting their peers through adopting a genuine interest in others’ business and openly sharing their knowledge.

Business owners can ‘take’ feedback, observations and draw on the knowledge bank within the group.
The spirit of reciprocity is encouraged within the Master Moons community. 


  • Develop, document and implement your strategy ‘live’ throughout the year
  • Drive the success of your strategy through focus and accountability on target goals in a supportive and collaborative environment
  • Reduce reliance on you as keyperson through developing an engaged, empowered and accountable team of people with clear goals and performance criteria
  • Work ‘on your business’ rather than ‘in your business’
  • Earn higher profits
  • Reduce working hours and enjoy more time away from the business
  • Create wealth through adopting a Takeout Policy to get your profits out of the business
  • Create a business model that delivers sustainable success

To apply for the Master Moons Group Coaching Program, please click on the link below. You can then fill in the application form online and then save and send through to Darren. Please send back to 

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