The Ideal Customer Archetype

The Ideal Customer Archetype

Have you defined your Ideal Customer?

You probably subconsciously think about it. But have you profiled what they look like?
In this blog, I pull apart the complex process of defining your Ideal Customer and why it matters.

The Ideal Customer


  • They are in your niche market.
  • They have a need for your products or services.
  • They are prepared to pay your price and adhere to your terms of business.
  • They understand what your products or services do for them and see the value proposition. 
  • You like serving them and they like working with you.
  • They treat your employees with respect and dignity.
  • You smile when they call or communicate with you and are happy to respond to their needs, whatever they may be.
  • They provide constructive and timely feedback which helps you to be your best.
  • They ask favours from time to time. However unusual, you bend over backwards to please them on these rare occasions. They not only notice this, but thank you earnestly for it.
  • They accept that you make mistakes occasionally, and while you remedy these best you can, they forgive you unconditionally.
  • They refer you to their network who become new customers. These people are just like them and fit the Ideal Customer archetype.
  • If you introduce them to your network, they conduct themselves graciously in the same manner as they behave towards you and your team.
  • They stay the journey with you and don’t leave over minor issues, price, rumours or approaches from competitors.

Write down your Ideal Customer archetype, how much you are going to charge them and how many you wish to attract.

Now go out and win them.
Imagine how successful and sustainable your business model will be when you have a stable full of Ideal Customers.

Darren Bourke

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