The Power of Process

The Power of Process


I’m big on the power of process.
Control the controllables to influence the uncontrollables.

A laser focus on process is a critical ingredient of sustainable success.
Winning businesses know this.
The underlying principle of process is to repeat an action, or series of steps, that produces a highly predictable outcome.

Developing Process

Start by listing key processes within your business.
Hit the big ones first.
Define key processes within groups such as:
•    Service/Product operations
•    Personnel
•    Management
•    Sales
•    Marketing
•    Finance
•    Administration

Start A/B testing your processes to see what works best over a 4-6 week period.

When happy with a process, document the process.

Educate the stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders or suppliers) that are involved in the process.

Nominate an Internal Champion to oversee each process. 

Repeating Process

In educating participating stakeholders, commit to following the process on a non-negotiable basis.

Demand accountability for following the process from all stakeholders.

Refining Process

Seek periodic feedback from stakeholders at every level.

Listen with an open mind and instruct the Internal Champion to compile a summary of feedback.

Request the Internal Champion to make recommendations on changes and enhancements to process.

The simple question is ‘Will a change to process improve the likely predictable outcome for the business’?

Empower Internal Champions to refine the process by updating the process documentation and re-educating stakeholders.

What are some good examples of Process?

Operational procedures on how products/services are supplied to customers from ‘purchase order’ to ‘cash at bank’.

Weekly, monthly and quarterly internal meetings with standing agendas and outcomes.

Sales-based activities scheduled and held each week/month with prospects.

A customer care model that ‘touches’ each customer on a periodic basis.

Scheduled staff reviews and appraisals conducted periodically.

Scoreboard and key metrics reported on a timely and accurate basis.

Shareholder reporting and meeting regime.

Finance procedures documented and followed.

Supplier terms and scheduled periodic reviews.

But what about the uncontrollables?

The prospect doesn’t agree to go with you and chooses a competitor.

A staff member leaves unexpectedly.

There is an economic downturn in your industry.

A key customer leaves you for no apparent reason.

A key person falls ill.

A major item of plant breaks down and interrupts supply.

Many of these external factors are outside your control and you don’t choose the outcome.

But a single-minded focus on process will help control the controllable aspects.

When the unforeseen negative event happens, you have to pivot and move on.

Your dedication to process will create a more rigorous business infrastructure that weathers the storm.

Without the power of focus, you become just another business owner ‘hoping for the best’ when the inevitable uncontrollable event hits you.

The power of process leads to sustainable success that will survive events outside your control.

Commit to the power of process.

If you want to discuss how you can leverage the power of process in your business, email me here.

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