The Secret Sauce to shift you from Sporadic Success to Sustainable Success

Secret recipe

What’s the difference between sporadic success and sustainable success?

To consider this question, let’s look at some real-life statements I’ve heard from numerous business owners over the years. 

Statements from Owners of businesses that experience sporadic success:

“We often feel like we’ve just bought a job earning a wage”
“Our profits vary dramatically from year to year for no apparent reason”
“My working hours are horrendous with me often working late nights at home and weekends”
“We rarely get to take holidays because the business can’t run without us”
“Day to day operations are chaotic and reactive with no real structure”
“We have a successful year every few years but this is generally followed by a few ordinary years”
“Staff come and go and we struggle to attract the right people”
“We work pretty much for anyone and seem to attract bad customers”
“Our products and services are sold to a wide market”

And here are some statements from Owners of businesses that experience sustainable success:

“We pay ourselves a market salary in addition to earning a good commercial profit from the business”
“Our profits are reasonably predictable from year to year”
“My working hours peak occasionally but I generally stick to general business hours”
“We take holidays twice a year because we have team members to cover us”
“Day to day operations are planned and there is a real flow to our business”
“We aim to achieve growth year on year, and if there is a blip in performance, we know why”
“We engage and reward our loyal staff and we reckon we have a good story to attract new talent”
“We know our ideal customer and mostly work with them”
“Our products and services are aimed at our niche market”

So what’s the secret sauce that differentiates these owners? 

The second group of owners, those that experience sustainable success, have really thought hard about their strategy. Like all of us, they have agonized over their product or service offering, their niche, customer base, pricing, pitch and more. 

The secret sauce is that they have got this strategic thinking out of their head and into the universe. It’s alive. They have taken all of this thinking and boiled it down to create a clear strategy that is documented, measured and monitored constantly. Their strategy has been painstakingly shared with their Stakeholder Quadrant (Customers, Employees, Shareholders & Suppliers) and effectively implemented throughout their business.

So now you know the secret sauce, make a commitment to develop and document your strategy. Educate your Stakeholder Quadrant on your strategy. Bring it to life and shift from sporadic success to sustainable success!

Coming Up

The Fourth Moon Blog and other social media I broadcast will be dedicated to delivering tips, techniques, hacks, resources, shortcuts and ideas to shift you from sporadic success to sustainable success. My commitment is to challenge, inspire and facilitate you to greater success.

In a forthcoming Four-Part blog series, I want to introduce my four methodologies of thinking that will change the way you approach your business and personal life and shift you towards sustainable success. 

With the background methodologies on sustainable success bedded down, I will then turn to delivering a rich tapestry of information that aims to challenge and direct you to play a bigger game!

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