The troubled Orphan Maintenance


In Part 3 of this Four-Part Series on Sustainable Success, I introduce the Third Moon of Maintenance - Ganymede. 

In The Fourth Moon, I talk about the Third Moon of Jupiter, Ganymede, being the largest moon in our solar system. Ganymede is even visible by the naked eye from earth. Its surface can be divided into two types of terrain: dark and light.

It is appropriate that the Third Moon of Maintenance is the largest, because Maintenance must be visible. 

Most business owners that reach the Third Moon waste their time there and actually cheat in not maintaining their Strategy. Having developed it on the First Moon, and implemented it on the Second Moon, they don’t honour it by maintaining it on the Third Moon. They hide in the dark terrain of Ganymede rather than having the discipline to be visible in the light terrain.

Third Moon thinking is about visibly maintaining the commitment to your strategy, agreed actions, disciplines and procedures. It is about creating a culture to not occupy the dark hidden terrain of Ganymede in cheating, but rather committing to visibly maintaining your strategy in the light terrain.

Only Third Moon visitors that occupy the light terrain of Ganymede can continue on their journey to the Fourth Moon. In The Fourth Moon, as Tom and the crew found to their frustration when reviewing the status of Dylan IT’s Maintenance, Maintenance is the most challenging aspect to delivering on your Strategy. 

So why does Strategy fail without Maintenance? 
Put simply, business performance cannot be optimal, sustainable or leveraged if your Strategy is not alive and being maintained.

The only worse thing than ‘no strategy’ is ‘some strategy’. 

Without Maintenance, you don’t know what disciplines have been followed within your business. A culture of ignorant bliss can set in. Without established disciplines, stakeholders do not own Strategy. You are in no-man’s-land, which is dangerous in business. Instead, create a culture of ownership and accountability within your team around Maintenance. 

Maintenance is not particularly alluring; so it is often an orphan with no-one willing to claim parentage for the troubled child of Maintenance.

Accept that Maintenance can sometimes be boring. But understand that it is the final passport check on your mission to the Fourth Moon. 

“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not.”
Galileo Galilee

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Next is the final blog and Part 4 of the Four-Part Series in which I will introduce the Fourth Moon of Callisto where you will ultimately Leverage your strategy. This is your pay-off for adopting the forever disciplines of The Fourth Moon metaphor and things get really interesting on the Fourth Moon I assure you.

Darren Bourke

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