What Traditions have you started?


When I was a kid, we’d learn of family traditions. Both in our families and others. These family traditions ranged from the family Sunday Roast, to our Italian neighbor’s tomato sauce-making day to the annual family vacation at the same seaside location each year. 

It was only when I got older that I reflected on how these traditions started within families. Someone had to think of the idea, initiate it within their family and gain wide support for it to be adopted as an ongoing tradition. 

Who were the people in each family that started these traditions and how did they do it? 

In recent years I decided to attempt starting a tradition in our family. And I’m proud to say it stuck.

As a singer, I make a good blogger. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with the dulcet tones of Freddie Mercury. However, for some strange reason I can do a half decent version of old Satchmo Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World.

So one Christmas after lunch, I announced to my family that I’d like to sing them a song. I then proceeded to belt out Satchmo to the best of my limited ability. It was fun, everyone laughed and clapped. An invitation for others to sing followed. But no-one took up the offer. 

I then extended a future invitation to everyone to prepare a song for next year’s Christmas lunch and perform.

What happened in the years following has been amazing.

Since then, most of the adult children have had a go at banging out a tune. The kids have got involved with some songs and dance routines. Last year, my sister Deb and husband Rod even did I got you babe dressed in full Sonny & Cher outfits!

Each Christmas we all eagerly anticipate what people will sing later in the afternoon.

I feel quite chuffed that I’ve been able to originate and establish a tradition.

Which got me thinking about business.

If family traditions can be established and survive generations, what if you started some traditions in your business?

What tradition could you start that would be really memorable. What tradition could you start that would be anticipated in advance of it happening? Be savoured by recipients or participants. 

Think about adopting a tradition around your customers, employees or community. What would it be?

It could be activities or benefits provided for customer recognition. It might be activities or reward for your best employees. It might be adopting a chosen charity and supporting them ‘hands on’ or financially. 

What are one or two traditions that would make a significant difference to others while making your tradition truly memorable?

It could be fun and make you, and others, feel great. A tradition could make you stand out.

But do it for the right reasons. It’s funny how when you do something from the heart, the rub-off tends to be positive anyway. 

Dare to be different. Do something.

Better to be accused of being different or eccentric, rather than boring. In an often cynical world, people are searching for feel good experiences.

Let me know what tradition you are going to adopt within your business?

Darren Bourke

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