Catch Up Day

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There are many National Days now allocated each year.

At the time of writing this blog, today is National Calzone DayNational Authors’ DayNational Family Literacy DayNational  Cook For Your Pets DayNational Vinegar DayNational Deep Fried Clams DayNational Brush Day and National Stress Awareness Day.

That’s eight National Days all scheduled and calendared today. Tomorrow there are four National Days including National Devilled Egg Day.

While some of these are important, many merely offer some humour from the serious world we live in.

So I want SME Owners to declare your own Day – Catch Up Day.

Recently I experienced some stress and anxiety from the overwhelming number of things that I had to attend to beyond running a business, supporting my family and socialising with friends. 

Many business owners transfer these tasks and actions to evenings or weekends which defeats the purpose of work/life balance away from business.

My flow and best work was being challenged by this feeling of not addressing other tasks and actions. Personal capacity felt like it was being suffocated by this other list building in the background.

And it bugged me.


So, here’s the thing.

I decided to create a Catch Up DayCatch Up Day would include all the things that had been mounting up outside of business. The only rule was that I couldn’t do any business stuff. Anything else was fair game.

I made a list of the important things I wanted to attend to on Catch Up Day and scheduled it in my diary with curious anticipation.

When Catch Up Day arrived I worked diligently through my list. Catch Up Dayincluded a medical appointment, a haircut, some personal emails, shopping for gifts, scheduling of some social engagements and a thorough tidy up at home and the office. It even included a long walk and massage.

And it was awesome.

Not only did I feel lighter mentally and more organized the next day, I smashed out some great work and immediately returned to flow.

The impact of Catch Up Day was so impactful for me, I’m now scheduling a Catch Up Day every quarter with a goal to allocate a Catch Up Day every month.

Catch Up Day may not become a National Day, but I’d suggest it could be one of your most important days to schedule.

We run our own businesses for the flexibility and freedom to live the life we want to lead, yet we restrict ourselves through conditioning and learnt behaviour.

Break free from paradigms that no longer serve you.

Schedule your first Catch Up Day and be your dangerous best afterwards as a result.

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All the best, 

Darren K Bourke