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I wanted to ensure my clients and blog subscribers received my new ebook The Success Algorithm. I’ve attached it for you with my compliments.

An algorithm is a set of steps once followed, solves a problem.

The Success Algorithm (a) is a methodology contained within seven important variables.

Success as I consider it is using a proven methodology to achieve predictable results over a sustained period.

Algorithms, once understood, can be repeated with incredible accuracy.

Achieving predictable results is what you can expect from the Success Algorithm. Of course, in business results may vary from time to time, but predictable results can be achieved over extended periods of time by repeatedly using the proven methodologies contained within The Success Algorithm.

Impactful wealth and lifestyle benefits can only be achieved through enjoying sustainable success and compounding leverage through The Success Algorithm.

The Success Algorithm is:

p7 = a

Where the seven ‘p’ input variables are:

p = Plan

p = Products

p = Process

p = People

p = Productivity

p = Profit

p = Performance

and finally:

a = The Success Algorithm


What does solving the Success Algorithm do for you?

§  Increase your profits using proven business improvement strategies                         

§  Understand what you should be earning as an SME Business Owner and achieve it

§  Strengthen customer relationships and retention by implementing a Customer Care Model              

§  Improve productivity through optimizing management

§  Reduce work hours through productivity gains

§  Engage, retain and reward employees through a powerful People Plan that works    

§  Withdraw profits safely out of the business by adopting a Takeout Policy

§  Invest profits for wealth creation through a simple and systematic methodology

§  Transform your business to be less reliant on you through empowering team members

§  Introduce lifestyle improvements through leveraging a successful game plan

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Darren K Bourke

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