Success Starts by Making Your Bed

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Just one simple act at the start of the day can lead to a series of positive actions.

Here it is.

Make your bed.

Yep. That’s it.

The first act of a new day sets the scene for our waking mind.

Making the sacred space of our bedroom neat and orderly creates a positive blueprint for our next steps.

If we can do just one thing in the making of our bed, our mind will turn to the next positive act.

We end our day and start our day in bed.

Making our bed after renewal allows us to return to a tidy peaceful environment in the evening to rest.

Having made your bed, your mind can now credit itself for completing it’s first task of the day successfully.

The positivity of completing the first action of the day successfully sets a mindset for action with the expectation of success.

The mind now can start completing a series of tasks following the successful completion of the first.

The subconscious mind has moved into a rhythm of action.

This habit extends throughout our day.

It all starts with a little win.

If you can make your bed, you’ve completed your first action of the day.

Start with a little win.

Make your bed.

Great things follow.

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Darren K Bourke

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