Mark Bloodworth

Director, Lifeblood Performance

I love referring business people that I work with to Darren as I know they will get genuine advice from a guy that I trust implicitly. A lot of these people have a great business offering but need support and guidance with their business processes & systems; this is where Darren adds great value!


Ben Nicholls

Owner, Elite Strategies & Turtle Blue Consulting

Darren is a superb business coach & mentor. He brings together the essential talents of management, people, process and most importantly of all, an in-depth knowledge of the most critical scorecard a business has - the profit & loss. Having worked with several business consultants in my corporate days from the "big" firms (McKinsey & Co, Bain & Co, BCG), I know a skilled practitioner when I see one.

Darren's greatest gift is his energy. It just flows out like a river and sweeps you into action. Taking action is what holds us all back, however Darren is blessed with the ability to inspire and get people going. I have had the pleasure of witnessing this happen on several occasions with outstanding results.

I highly recommend Darren for any business owner seeking to improve their business.


Steven Pam

Commercial & Corporate Photographer and video producer

It seems to me that there are a lot of management consultants around who have plenty of technical know-how when it comes to business.

Then there are those with lots of enthusiasm - but who don't always have the knowledge or experience to back it up and provide concrete, tangible advice.

Darren brings the best of both worlds to his practice. His experience and success is borne out by his CV, and his energy, enthusiasm and accessibility is obvious to anyone who meets him.