The Retirement Fallacy

The Retirement Fallacy

When you have worked until you are very old, you are allowed to retire. When you retire, you get to stop working and are expected to do very little.

The notion seems to be that you have done your bit, so we don’t expect you to participate or produce anything now.

How dumb is the notion of traditional retirement?

An extract from The Fourth Moon below outlines The Retirement Fallacy.

"Retirement is a fallacy to me because if we control our own destiny, why do we have to stop doing the things we love. We are living longer, medical science keeps us healthier longer into life and technology allows us to be part of a global village no matter where we are in the world."

"Individuals who reach the Fourth Moon develop relationships and interests long before they grow old. The leverage offered on the Fourth Moon provides the time and environment to create other pursuits outside of your core business."

"On the Fourth Moon, there is no such thing as stereotypical retirement. Business owners might sell their business, but engage themselves purposefully in many other activities long into old age. The recognition that retirement is a fallacy, keeps them vital and engaged in life. Fourth Moon thinking contributes to longevity."

Don’t wait for ‘one day’ or ‘when I retire’. Start developing hobbies and interests now.

Leverage your time to free up hours to learn, nurture and harvest knowledge around your passions

Invest in these activities now so that when you choose to slow down or life throws you a curve ball, you have already developed a diverse range of relationships and activities. 

Establish these long in advance of old age.

Don’t be the business owner on the ‘life deferral plan’ with plans to take up these interests ‘one day’. Or the business owner intending to nurture key relationships when they’re ‘not so busy’. 

Now is the time.

Close your eyes.

Imagine you are 65 years old and have just retired. You have not developed hobbies, interests and relationships over time. You accept traditional retirement and each day plays out exactly the same. You lack a true sense of purpose. In virtual solitude your world shrinks around you. You seem to age five years for every one year. Life is boring, morbid and repetitive.  

Now close your eyes again.

You don’t retire. You continue to be engaged in activities. You sit on your company Board. You act for your chosen charity of many years. You play sport still – albeit slower and less-skillfully. You have a rich and diverse group of friends who you see often. You have hobbies which you get lost in. You return to destinations that feel like a second home. You also seek out new destinations as a grey nomad.

Now open your eyes.

Make a choice.

Retirement is a fallacy.

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