David versus Goliath: How Small Business Beats the Corporates

David Vs Goliath

Despite their corporate speak, corporates have crippling limitations. A lean and dynamic small business has few, if any, of these debilitating impairments.

David is you and me. Goliath the cumbersome corporate.

Here are 10 reasons why I’d rather be David than Goliath.


David. Let’s fix this right now.

Goliath. Lots of layers, time decay, complicated procedures and a cast of thousands.


David. Change can be implemented at 9.01am tomorrow.

Goliath. Slow and cumbersome path to change. Like turning around the Queen Mary.


David. ‘Playing the game’ is exhaustive. David is just interested in outcomes.

Goliath. Faceless men and women in large offices playing their own games, far away from their customers and frontline team.


David. Deeply care about customers and staff recognizing them as the lifeblood of the business.

Goliath. Insurers and banks care more about hiding behind inflexible protocols. Holding their line seems paramount, despite frustrated customers and staff. 


David. Your business reflects your authenticity.

Goliath. You can’t be authentic. Perhaps at the start, but not in the end.


David. Absolute control over the business.

Goliath. The culture of the organization ultimately controls the organization.


David. You decide what you stand for. This is cultivated with your team, customers and suppliers.

Goliath. Share price and profitability is king. Recent employee exploitation through paying below award wages demonstrates greed in all its ugliness.


David. Relationships are everything. People deal with people not businesses. Business relationships often develop into lifelong personal relationships.

Goliath. Transient and fleeting. Often subject to what someone, or the company, can get from a relationship. Relationships have little or no currency beyond the next restructure.


David. Loyalty shown to employees, customers and suppliers is reciprocated.

Goliath. Loyalty is talked about a lot. But egos, dollars, politics and ‘new strategy’ ensure its assassination.


David. What do you want to be remembered for? Then go out and do it brilliantly. Others will notice and judge.

Goliath. Will anyone remember a bank or insurance company? Corporates spend silly amounts of time and money broadcasting their greatness and virtues. It doesn’t work. Everyone knows.

Add a comment on what it is that you love about your business over the corporates.

David Bourke

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