The world ends one hour before the Christmas Party


I still get amazed at how people freak out at the end of the year.

Normally rational people become obsessed with getting everything done before the Christmas break.

In my final blog for the year I take a light-hearted look at the crazy final weeks of the working year.

The Christmas Goldfish. Every year certain individuals think the world will end this Christmas. And then on their return in the New Year they realize it didn’t. But like a goldfish they forget again next Christmas. 

The Empty-Inboxer. They must get their inbox empty before the Christmas Party or face Armageddon. 

The Festive Networker. Don’t want to see you in July but must see you on the 21st of December to tick off that catch up before Christmas.

The Christmas Card Strangers. You bought stationery from a supplier five years ago so Bob, Susan and Michelle sent you a signed Christmas card.

The E-Card Giver. No-one likes an e-card. Ever. Please just don’t send them.

The Customer with absurd requests. Can you renovate my bathroom before Christmas? There’s four weeks to go. Can you ship the exact leadlight glass we need for our feature window from China before Christmas? What the?

The Nominator of advanced deadlines. Projects not due until June next year with a 90 day lead time are suddenly now subject to “It would be great guys if we could cover this off before Christmas.” 

And what happens when everyone comes back to work after Christmas.

The Christmas Goldfish has forgotten their anxious and irrational behavior.

The Empty Inboxer is disappointed when they return to an inbox with exactly 103 emails in it. 

The Festive Networker has forgotten you. Again. Until next Christmas.

The Christmas Card Strangers are blissfully unaware of your existence.

The E-Card has been deleted from your Inbox but lives on in your deleted files directory.

The Customer with absurd requests found a cheaper supplier who mucked up their order and dispatched product in March.

The Nominator of advanced deadlines privately accepts this was unrealistic without mention and directs you to meet the original deadline of June.

So the message here people is that these people walk amongst us in December.

I remind you to anticipate this behavior and not get drawn in.

Politely but assertively dismiss it.

And the moral of the story.

The world doesn’t end one hour before the Christmas Party.

And finally, thanks for your support in reading The Fourth Moon Blog.

I wish you a safe and enjoyable break. I encourage you to reinvigorate yourself and come back bigger and better in business next year.

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Darren Bourke

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