The symbiotic relationship between three levels of goals that creates powerful synergies for achieving your Business Strategy

Forth Moon

Synergy is what happens when the right people do the right things.

I recommend you establish your Top 5 Goals as follows:

  1. Top 5 Goals for Business (Owners/GM/MD accountability)
  2. Top 5 Goals for Management Team/Key People individuals (Management Team accountability)
  3. Top 5 Goals for individual employees (Crew Goals & accountability)

The key strategy here is to ensure that goals are influenced/linked within the three levels.

Get this right and let synergy go to work.

There is an alignment or synergy in the achievement of Top 5 Crew Goals by individual employees leading to the achievement of Top 5 Goals for the Management Team which ultimately leads to the achievement of the Top 5 Goals for the business.

Darren Bourke

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