13 Benefits to working within a Group

Forth Moon

Here are  13 benefits worth considering when thinking about how working in a business group could be beneficial to both your personal and business growth.

  1. Work ‘on your business’ rather than ‘in your business’
  2. Offers an external forum for discussion away from day to day operations
  3. An environment in which you’re not alone in issues faced
  4. Other people offer unique perspectives that you may not have considered
  5. Empathy & understanding on your challenges
  6. Peer-to-peer interaction with like-minded people
  7. Offer solutions to your problems or tactics to chase opportunities
  8. A chance to be strategic
  9. Group sessions provide a deadline to take action
  10. Creates focus
  11. Groups have a wide network of resources and specialists
  12. Provides a support network to invest in your inner game
  13. Offers you a chance to give back to others – the principle of reciprocity

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Darren Bourke

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