Strategies for Business Owners to Play a Bigger Game in business this year

Devise and document your Strategic Plan for the new financial year incorporating your Top 5 Goals.

Implement your Strategy and launch it with your team. Share your vision and Game Plan.

Make non-negotiable commitments around internal meetings, staff management, management reporting, customer relationship management, supplier management and shareholder value.

Beyond your non-negotiable commitments, leave all other available capacity for ‘working on your business’.

Spend 80% of your time on, or influencing, the achievement of your Top 5 Goals.

Reduce reliance on you as keyperson through an engaged, empowered accountable team.

Maximize relationships with your Stakeholder Quadrant – Customers, Employees, Shareholders & Suppliers.

Reduce working hours through focus, structure, delegation and a commitment to the process.

Increase your profitability through serving your niche market better.

Get your profits out of the business through adopting a Takeout Policy.

Create wealth through investing profits systematically and methodically over time through a disciplined Takeout Policy.

Create a business model that delivers predictable results and crates sustainable success.

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Darren Bourke

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