Sit Sit Sit, Walk Walk, Don't Wobble


There are variations on this ancient Zen proverb, but they all mean the same thing.

If you are going to sit, sit and do nothing else.

If you are going to walk, walk and do nothing else.

But whatever you do, don’t wobble.

What does this mean?

The Zen Masters could only have imagined how crazy we would be in the future multi-tasking and checking-out from being in the moment.

While I’m not into tattoos, it might be useful to have this tattooed on the back of our hands to remind us to focus on a single activity.

We speak to people while checking our email.

We look at our laptop when people are talking in meetings.

We check social media during a meal.

We jump in and out of various platforms while writing that important report.

Are we missing out on the richness of life experience?

Are we short-changing our skills and ultimate success through a lack of absolute focus?

Do we have depth and meaning to our relationships as a result of concentrating on the person we are currently with and nothing else?

The busyness of modern life and the 24/7 world around us has hijacked our ability to focus.

The pressure to attend to more tasks in less time has created a generation of zombie multi-taskers who have lost the ability to just sit.

Or just walk.

So we wobble.

And wobbling is neither sitting nor walking.

And achieves no beneficial purpose.

Imagine how much your performance would increase if you were to focus 100% intently on one activity.

Imagine how your relationship with your partner or family would deepen if you were to engage in focused conversation with them.

Imagine how your business relationships would flourish if you engaged people holistically offering your full attention and good grace.

Imagine how amazing you could be at your most important work when undistracted and focused like a Zen Master.

Let’s all make a commitment to adopting focus in our busy lives.

Set some rules for yourself in being in the moment and conducting one activity purely and exactly.

You might see some big things from this one little change.

Darren Bourke

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