Turn off Pause and press Play on Implementation


In Part 2 of this Four-Part Series on Sustainable Success, I introduce the Second Moon of Implementation - Europa. 

Following your initial journey to the First Moon, which is often euphoric and motivating, you and your team might think ‘what’s next?’ You’ve been brave and daring in developing a new strategy for the business and understandably feel quite proud of yourself. 

In my book, The Fourth Moon, I talk about Europa, the Second Moon of Jupiter, being the smoothest object in our solar system. It is thought to have twice the water volume of earth so it also very fluid. 

Implementation must be smooth and fluid.

Smooth, because something is not implemented until all the kinks are ironed out. For your strategy to be smooth, it must be implemented correctly.

Fluid because your strategy won’t necessarily be implemented correctly the first time, or even the second time. Fluid thinking allows you to accept initial failure and be fluid in your commitment to return to implementing a technique or discipline again until it ‘sticks’. 

So Second Moon thinking is about being smooth and fluid – it’s all about doing. Actions talk. 

“By denying scientific principles, one may maintain any paradox.”
Galileo Galilee

I often talk about the phrase “knowing isn’t doing”. People respond to advice around their business with “I know that” or “Yes, we’ve heard about that.” But knowing about something is completely useless if you don’t do it.

Examples of “knowing isn’t doing” are endless. We know that we need to do our staff reviews but we don’t always do them. We know that we must implement and attend our internal meetings but we allow these to be cancelled or not run properly. We know about workplace discrimination but don’t follow our policies. We know about back-up procedures around our computer systems, yet fail to attend to these systematically and consistently.

You will fall over from time to time on the Second Moon, and implementation will not always stick the first go. When things inevitably don’t work the first time, you and your team will be tempted to claim that the new techniques and disciplines don’t work and that you should return to your old ways. Don’t allow yourself to fall for this trap. It is a rookie mistake and one repeated by businesses that never achieve success through their own stubbornness and inability to embrace change. 

My challenge to you is to ‘turn off pause and press play’ in regard to Implementation. Implementers win!

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Next is Part 3 of this Four-Part Series in which I will introduce the Third Moon of Ganymede where you will ultimately Maintain your strategy. 

Darren Bourke

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