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If you’ve found my blog here on my website, the chances are that by now you’ll know I’ve written a book called The Fourth Moon. It’s a narrative-driven book that provides a practical, step-by-step guide to achieving sustainable success that any business can follow. It uses a powerful metaphor based on famous Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei – and his discovery of the four moons of Jupiter – and challenges business owners and teams to adopt a fresh approach by viewing their business through a new lens.

What you may not yet know is how I identified and honed the principles of success that I draw on in The Fourth Moon, which is why I thought I’d use this blog to tell you a little bit about my own personal entrepreneurial journey. 

My first foray into the world of entrepreneurship came when I was six-years-old. There was an orchard in my neighbourhood and the owner paid me for gathering windfall apples - a fixed price for each fruit crate filled. I quickly developed a taste for commerce and lawn mowing, car washing and can recycling businesses followed - each venture playing its own special part in setting me on a pathway that would ultimately see me coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs to business success.

Having earned my Bachelor of Commerce degree at Melbourne University and a post-graduate Chartered Accountant qualification, my introduction to the corporate world came first as an accountant with major international accountancy firm Deloitte, then later as a Business Services Manager with leading firm Pitcher Partners.

I honed my business skills for a decade as an accountant working with publicly listed and private companies before leaving the world of accounting to pursue my dream of running my own business – embarking on my personal journey to The Fourth Moon if you will.

I entered a partnership in start-up Melbourne-based recruitment agency, Caden Consulting, and our fanatical focus on best-practice operating systems and exceptional customer service earned us one of Seek’s Australian Recruitment Agency of the Year Awards in 2003 and saw us featured in Business Review Weekly (BRW Magazine).

That same year I enjoyed my first taste of the publishing world, writing articles for Better Business Magazine, Chartered Magazine, and my first forays into the media arena as an interviewee on audio business programs for Michael Schildberger’s Business Essentials.

In 2003 I sold my share of Caden to my business partner and embarked on my next journey; establishing Business Influence, a consultancy dedicated to dramatically improving the performance of small and medium businesses through consulting, coaching & mentoring.

My coaching and mentoring was based on four tried and tested universal elements of business success — Strategy, Implementation, Maintenance, and Leverage. My passion lies is helping clients develop clear strategic direction, improve productivity, build leading teams, significantly increase profit and business value; all while enhancing the work-life balance of the entrepreneurs behind those businesses.

With twenty-five years’ experience successfully navigating my own personal journey to success, I have a keen eye for identifying what makes successful entrepreneurs and businesses tick, a passion for work-life balance, and a keen desire to share this elusive formula with other business owners which is where my book, The Fourth Moon, comes in.

Darren Bourke

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