The University of Life: registrations open for high achieving business people

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One simple philosophy I’ve observed over decades separates most high achievers from the pack.

Outstanding individuals in their fields all attend the same university.

The University of Life.

The University of Life does not have big building and professors. No entrance scores and three year degrees. It doesn’t even have a postcode.

Classes are always open to any willing students all and the curriculum is vast.

The Students of the University of Life never graduate nor leave.

Students of the University of Life have a curiosity and fascination that compels them to invest in learning forever.


In lifelong learning around their craft, Students of the University of Life have an insatiable curiosity around being better.

Maybe even the best.

Students study the minutiae of their chosen craft. Study it relentless. The technical aspects of mastery often come in small increments and Students work fanatically on improvement. Whatever it takes.

Students are also prepared to travel far and wide to meet masters in their field. They understand that one meeting with a master might be worth a decade of experience.


In lifelong learning around people, Students of the University of Life allocate time to meeting up with people in all chapters of their life – family, friends, community, sports, education, employment, business and many networks.

They make a point to keep in touch with a rich and diverse range of people. They invest in people and relationships for life. They make time to ensure these relationships continue, flourish and don’t lapse from time decay and the tyranny of distance.

Student relationships include mentors, teachers and peers rich in experience and lifelong learning.


In lifelong learning around the mind, Students of the University of Life are avid readers with a pile of unread books ready to start. They subscribe to journals and magazines. Watch Ted Talks on YouTube. Selected podcasts are part of their staple information diet. Mental training apps keep their brain fit.

Meditation, breathing and Jedi mind-tricks are often present in Students’ lives.


In lifelong learning around the spirit, Students of the University of Life are open to working on their wellbeing. Daily journals, disciplined habits, affirmations, philosophy, meditation, time out, travel and relationships all contribute to a strong spirit for Students.   


In lifelong learning around the body, Students of the University of Life look after the physical vessel that propels them – their body. They have a health and fitness regime. They know their metabolism and diet. They drink 2-3 litres of water a day and take supplements. 7-8 hours of sleep is a cornerstone of maintaining their daily vitality. A curiosity about habits, training concepts and technological aids is present in Students.

Enrolments are now open for the University of Life

Are you a Student?

If not, sign up now.

Don’t wait any longer.

Enrolments close when you die.

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