The Proactivity Index. How do you rate?

Darren Bourke, The Proactivity Index. How do you rate?

Proactive people win more. In business and in life.

Proactive people create a forum where opportunities are born for themselves and others.

Proactive behavior is like mining for precious metals. You never know what you'll find when you go prospecting but you still commit to prospect.

Being proactive is a mindset. Proactivity creates opportunities. Opportunities create momentum.

And momentum is your friend.

Momentum makes things happen. People connect. Ideas are born. Things happen. Often big things.

Hiding in your office isn't proactive. People won't break in to talk to you.

Proactive people make the effort to create forums in which they discover like-minded souls and create winning connections. They seem to effortlessly position themselves around the action within their industry.

One objection I hear on proactivity is that it only suits extroverted personalities. It is alleged that introverts can't be proactive.

But that's not true.

Introverts can choose outbound or inbound activities that they are comfortable immersing in. One-on-one interactions may suit them rather than larger groups or noisy social forums. Small roundtable think-tanks, intimate workshops, and webinars are suitable.

Learn to balance your proactive behavior and tailor it to personality types.

But be proactive, not passive.

To help assess your proactivity, I've designed a simple Proactivity Index.

And please remember, to be honest.

The first table assesses your 'outbound activity'. Outbound activities are where you initiate an activity and invite others. It could be breakfasts, lunches, dinners, coffees, in-house meetings, roundtables, charity events, training sessions, webinars, workshops, seminars. The list is endless.

Mark yourself on whether you organize activities often, sometimes or never. You get more points for outbound proactivity because you have to create the activity and organize it.

The second table assesses your 'inbound activity'. Inbound activities are where you receive an invitation to attend.

Mark yourself on whether you accept invitations to inbound activities often, sometimes or never. You get fewer points for inbound proactivity because you simply have to show up to the event.

Darren Bourke, The Proactivity Index. How do you rate?

5 or more Golden Nugget – You are of rare value and create opportunities

0 – 4 Hidden Gem – You need to expose yourself and shine

Negative Hard Rock –You are tough to crack. Come out from underground and surface

Think deeply about how you can change your proactivity and let me know your score on the Proactivity Index.

If you want to work on playing a bigger game in business, contact me at

Darren Bourke, The Proactivity Index. How do you rate?


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