10 Tactics to find Flow

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One of the hottest themes in business theory is flow.

Flow can be described as a state of being when everything seems to be working. A feeling of calm is ever present and you feel in complete control.  You feel that you are performing at the peak of your powers.

It stands to reason that a winning strategy is to create tactics and hacks that bring you in to a state of flow more often. Being in flow creates powerful relationships and opportunities. In flow, you have a heightened awareness and an ability to demonstrate mastery. Things happen quicker in flow. People connect with you and seek to work with you. By the end of your day, you are elated and invigorated.

 When out of flow, running your business seems a constant battle. Every day you have to drag yourself up to perform. A constant barrage of problems and issues seem to stalk you. Conversations can be stilted and people just don’t get you. By the end of your day, you are beaten and exhausted.

Winners have more regular periods of flow than others.

This stands to reason.

When in flow with people, you have more powerful and motivating interactions.

When in flow alone, you have greater strategic and tactical insight.

When in flow while working on an important task, you have greater cognitive ability and complete amazing work faster.

The benefits of flow are endless.

Here are 10 tactics that can be adopted in your constant search for flow:

  1. Know thyself

It all starts with you. Think about yourself and how you can be your best. Conduct a self-audit. What are you doing when you are operating at the peak of your powers?

  1. Biorhythms

What are your biorhythms? How much sleep do you need for peak performance? Are you a morning guy or a night guy? Are you a public figure or private figure? Introverted or extroverted? When do you do your best work? What environment, time and forum suits your personal energy? 

  1. Plan for Flow

Plan your day, week, month and next 90 days.

Prepare well in advance of your business activities so that you focus on being in the moment rather than catching up on details or facts in meetings and discussions. Flow comes more often to those that do the preparation. 

  1. Authenticity

Staying authentic to your values, vision and personality. You won’t find flow if you are not living these moment to moment.

  1. Work/Lifestyle Balance

Work/lifestyle balance can sound cliched but it aint. Flow comes more often when you get this right. Regular breaks, extended holidays and mini-retirements are the lubricant for flow.

  1. Do what you love

You won’t find flow if you don’t love what you do. Period.

  1. Work with clients you like

Everyone does better work when they hang out with people they like. Flow comes more often when surrounded by people you like. Sack your ‘E’ clients.

  1. Play to your Forehand

How often are you playing to your forehand on a daily basis? Playing to your forehand is using or demonstrating your best attributes regularly.  Make sure your game plan has lots of forehand shots and only a few backhand shots. Assess this and measure it regularly. Flow comes more often on your forehand.

  1. Have Fun

He or she who laughs more often wins more. Humour and fun are great antidotes for the seriousness of business. Fun and humour act as circuit breakers. Why does the day fly when you are having fun? How many of your days fly by? Flow comes to those that are having fun.

  1. Don’t fight Flow

This sounds counter-intuitive but don’t go against flow. If you feel that flow is coming, don’t feel compelled to pivot or take another tact. Embrace it and go with it. Think of flow as a river tide. You can let the tide take you and be washed away effortlessly or you can swim upstream against it thinking you need to go the other way. You rarely do.

I want you to write a 90 Day Plan for finding flow and let me know if flow comes more often into your life. Trust your instincts. They’ve served you well up until now. 

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