Creating your digital media calendar

When I published my book The Fourth Moon, I was introduced to a Social Media Consultant who taught me about setting up a Digital Media Calendar. Think of your digital media strategy as a TV guide. The guide schedules when the content is to be broadcast by the various stations and the viewer simply tunes in to view their favourite shows. Everyone understands a TV Guide. What she said next was brilliant.

Super Powers & Kryptonite

Superman is awesome. Don’t you have days when you feel like Superman? Days where you seem powerful and indestructible. Everything you say or do has maximum impact. You feel confident and powerful in meetings and smash out work effortlessly. But put a small chunk of Kryptonite next to him and he is rendered powerless. Just like Superman, we all have our own Kryptonite.

Trust Your Instincts

Trust Your Instincts

Why do we doubt our instincts? To mitigate risk, believing this will lead to a better decision. A more considered decision. We place more weight on inputs from several trusted sources beyond ourselves. We often decrease the weighting of our instincts in comparison to the views of others. How can trusting our instincts help us?