Super Powers & Kryptonite

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Superman is awesome.

Faster than a speeding bullet. Stronger than a locomotive. Able to jump tall buildings in a single bound.

Don’t you have days when you feel like Superman? Days where you seem powerful and indestructible. Everything you say or do has maximum impact. You feel confident and powerful in meetings and smash out work effortlessly.

You have super powers.

Having super powers is cool. Knowing what super powers you possess and ensuring you are using them daily, is one of the key tactics to optimal performance. I would suggest you should be using your super powers in business at least 70-90% of the time. This is based on you spending 70% on execution, 20% on strategy and 10% on administration (or less if outsourcing).

Now let’s get back to Superman.

Superman spends 100% of his time as Superman using his super powers. Superman doesn’t buy groceries or back up his computer in costume. He has important things to do.

But there is one thing which curbs Superman’s powers.

And that’s Kryptonite.

Put a small chunk of Kryptonite next to him and he is rendered powerless.

Just like Superman, we all have our own Kryptonite. 

What’s yours?

While I have my own super powers, I’m not too proud to admit to my Kryptonite.

My Kryptonite includes IT, banks, governments, long telephone calls, admin, conflict, inauthentic people, arrogance, charlatans, rude people and queues.

To reduce my exposure to Kryptonite, I eliminate or at least significantly reduce these factors in my environment.

I ensure that I spend 90% of my time using my super powers and eliminate, reduce or outsource activities that expose me to Kryptonite.

Optimizing this requires a strategic approach to ensuring that I am allocating my finite time to using my super powers.

From allocation of capacity, to measuring and monitoring more super powers and less Kryptonite, is a life changer.

There is also a correlation between adopting this approach and mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

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All the best, 

Darren K Bourke