Trust Your Instincts

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Why do we doubt our instincts?

Because we don’t want to be wrong. Or seen to be wrong by our customers, peers, family and friends.

To mitigate the risk of making a poor decision, we understandably contrast our opinion or decision against external views before execution.

We believe this will lead to a better decision. A more considered decision. And of course, if the decision is wrong, we can claim that it was based on well-researched inputs from several trusted sources beyond ourselves.

In fact, for this very reason, many of us place more weight on external factors than our own judgement.

We seek input from online content, media, business partners, peers, employees, industry

bodies, competitors, customers, government, family, friends and suppliers. Everyone seems to get to have their twenty cents worth in reaching our opinion.

Yet we doubt our instincts.

We often decrease the weighting of our instincts in comparison to the views of others.

Trust your instincts.

I recommend you increase the weighting you place on your instincts in making a decision, relative to external feedback and information.

Of course, it is prudent to do your due-diligence in requesting and filtering feedback from external sources. However, with all of that in hand, apply a heavier weighting for your instincts.

Back your judgement through trusting your instincts and own your decisions.

If it’s a good decision, you can enjoy the satisfaction of having made the right decision.

If the decision results in a poor outcome, assess both your due-diligence process and how your instincts led you to that decision.

And of course, if your instincts are regularly off the mark, perhaps you shouldn’t be in business.

Trust your instincts more. They’ve served you well to date.

Give them adequate weighting and make them part of a powerful competitive edge.

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All the best,

Darren K Bourke

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