The Preparation

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I don't care how smart or amazing you are at what you do. Anyone who is any good, does The Preparation.

The Preparation is the work you do before you do great things and succeed. Masters know this and live it daily.

There are no shortcuts. No hacks. No cheat-sheets or silver bullets. Just The Preparation.

The Preparation is how you set up your day for success. What priming techniques do you perform in the morning to create predictable winning outcomes?

The Preparation is what you do before, during and after a meeting. The pre-brief is the work completed before the meeting. In the meeting, you simply be in

the moment and engage rather than attend. The post-brief is the follow up action

completed after the meeting.

The Preparation in a relationship is to take an interest in the other person. Do your

homework on them and try and understand their DNA. Think of

contacts, resources or information that can help them play a bigger game and generously share it with them.

The Preparation in stakeholder relationships is understanding what different stakeholders want and creating win-win outcomes. The Preparation is different for shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers.

The Preparation in delivering great products and services is constantly being curious about improvement.

The Preparation is asking questions, tweaking and A/B testing (split testing).

Do The Preparation.

The outcome is often determined before the event happens.

If you commit to doing The Preparation, your strike rate of winning outcomes will increase.

Commit to the lifelong habit of doing The Preparation.

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All the best, 

Darren K Bourke