Welcome To The Conceptual Age – How Are You Placed To Leverage Our Times?

Understanding the Age we live in can help you be adaptive in business.

The 18th Century was the Agricultural Age where Farmers ruled and owners of fertile land were prosperous.

The 19th century was the Industrial Age where factory work boomed and owners of factories made fortunes.

The 20th century was the Information Age where Knowledge workers reigned supreme. Billions were made by Founders of IT companies, many much younger than their forebears.

The 21st Century is the Conceptual Age – the age of Creators.

Looking back at the Ages, business owners would never have predicted the significant changes to their industries. Sadly, many didn’t truly leverage their position.

How has the passage of time impacted on these earlier Ages?

The Agricultural Age has been impacted demonstrably. While drought has always been a threat to successful farming, global warming is having greater impact. Genetic modification, the loss of inter-generational farmers, the demise of many country towns, the downward commoditisation of prices paid to farmers from corporate supermarkets and AI have all influenced agricultural for the poorer.

The Industrial Age of factories has been changed forever through geo-economics (wage/cost/price differentials) and AI.

The Information Age has more recently been impacted by market saturation, geo-economics, disruptors, the GIG economy and AI.

Now in the Conceptual Age, the new rock stars are Creators.

Creators have ideas – big ideas – and the barriers to market have almost vanished. Now anyone with a great idea can pursue it without socio-economic or geographical barriers.

Sit back and reflect for a moment on what you are creating.

Do you proactively allocate time to creativity and innovation?

Or have you been kidnapped by busyness and the hamster wheel of meetings, email and social media?

Is your product or service better, faster or cheaper than your competitors?

Have you introduced innovative changes to your product or service to keep pace with market expectations and attract new customers to your offering?

We are in the Conceptual Age.

Review, tweak and improve your business offering.

Release your best work.

Be a man or woman of this Age.

Be a Creator.

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