The Three Secrets to Happiness

This is my shortest blog.

Perhaps a little inspired by Seth Godin’s brevity in his blog.

While short and sweet, the message I’m conveying today is powerful.

Being in business is one hell of a rollercoaster.

The ups and the downs.

The drive and energy required to stay in the game.

But do you ever stop to assess whether you have found true happiness in running your own business.

I don’t claim to have defined the true secrets to happiness.

But here are the three secrets to happiness.

1.       Have something to DO

2.       Have someone to LOVE

3.       Have something to LOOK FORWARD to

These three pillars are so amazing if you really think about them.

We are so lucky in business that we have something to do. Something that we want to do and choose to do. We are not slaves to the agenda of others. A sense of purpose fulfils us. How lucky we are to be purposeful and have choices.

But being successful in business isn’t enough if we don’t have people around us to make us feel something. Without someone to love, who do we share the fruits of our business and live our lives with outside of business?

As humans, as we age, our sense of mortality requires us to keep one eye on the tiller and the other on the horizon. Where are we going? Having a positive outlook and things to look forward to are important elements to our mental health.

I know you are all busy, but I ask you to regularly check in on your happiness by assessing yourself against the three big pillars.

Be honest with yourself because you ultimately can’t fool yourself.

True success puts a smile on your face each time you return to assess happiness.

You will waiver. I promise you that.

However, if you make a habit to periodically return to these three tenets your compass will soon again be pointing due north.

- - -

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