Getting out of the Factory and into the Boardroom

We are now a month into the new financial year.

Have you had your annual planning day or retreat?

Or at least allocated some serious time to strategic thinking and documenting your plan or big goals?

It’s a trap to get stuck too much in operations and not allocate time to strategy.

Factory is operations.

Boardroom is strategy.

Factory is critical because we all need to produce work. There’s no getting around this. We must spend a lot of time in the Factory.

But Boardroom is critical too. It allows time for strategy that provides balanced thinking and planning. It allows you to execute better operations in the Factory.

Factory & Boardroom are your yin and yang.

They are not binary.

To be an A-Grade Player, you need to ensure you have a balanced activity of Factory and Boardroom in your capacity allocation.

Find the right balance through A/B testing over a short period – say 90 Days/3 months.

Here’s some of the things I’ve done strategically within the Boardroom to set up the financial year for greater success and enjoyment.

1.     Drafted & documented Strategic Plan

2.     Drafted & finalised Budgets

3.     Drafted 90 Day Plan for first quarter

4.     Drafted personal plan for fitness, health and mind

5.     Updated Client Matrix & Fee Matrix

6.     Updated keeping in touch plan for family & friends

7.     Scoped and scheduled Business Development activities

8.     Identified Key Projects – Business & Personal

9.     Booked Alliance Partner Plan

10.  Booked specialists to help me

11.  Drafted three months of Blogs for future publication

12.  Scheduled specialists for assistance in Q1

13.  Booked taxation, investment portfolio review and estate planning review

14.  Updated Reading List and ordered new books

15.  Updated Podcast library, magazine subscriptions and movie/music lists

Having a coach & mentor is one of the Boardroom habits of highly successful business owners.

I currently have three private coaching client spots available.

Email me at to schedule a meeting (at no cost or obligation) to discuss how I can help you achieve your business and personal goals this financial year.