Your Right Brain just could save your Business

The left side of the brain (“Left Brain”) performs logical, analytical and objective tasks. Think mathematics, science, logic, linear-thinking and facts.

The right side of the brain (“Right Brain”) is creative and artistic. Think intuition, imagination, body language, feelings and daydreaming.

We often talk about people being predominantly right-brained or left-brained.

Many of us with strong technical backgrounds, high Right Brain dominance, have turned to improving our Left Brain through a range of developmental activities and projects.

And it works out this is the correct thing to do.

Having read Kevin Kelly’s excellent book The Inevitable – Understanding the 12 Technological Forces that will shape our Future and just starting Prediction Machines by Gans, Goldfarb and Agrawal there is much to ponder.

For those ingrained in Left Brain thinking – pause for a moment.

There are many jobs, businesses and professions that are (and will) be affected as a result of developments in technology and AI.

Robotics and 3D printing in manufacturing.

Data-sharing technology in music and publication. Music streaming services and Encyclopedia Britannica ceased printing volumes in 2012 (after 244 years!).

Other dramatic major changes are predicted to dramatically affect the following careers in our lifetime:

·         Accountants

·         Finance Analysts

·         Bankers

·         Lawyers

·         Drivers

·         Construction workers

·         Farmhands

·         GP’s

·         Conveyancers

·         Insurance underwriters

·         Journalists

It seems that big data, AI and the rise of the machines will affect many of us.

But one thing that is always required is human judgement, intuition, non-linear interpretation and nous.

So, what can you do about it?

Work on your Right-Brain.

This is not a knock on being Left Brain centric, more a call to arms to add some new strings to an already strong bow.

I use my Left Brain every day and it is one of my strongest assets.

But if you are in a business that can be replaced, outsourced or significantly impacted by future technological progress – you might have to upgrade your skill-set or tweak your business offering.

Developing your Right Brain skills to purchase, train or configure operations post-change might be an opportunity.

Developing your Right Brain to interpret or leverage the artificial intelligence may be required to stay in the game.

Consulting, coaching and mentoring can’t (yet) be outsourced purely to a machine.

So now is the time to develop your creativity and use your intuition to add or increase your edge.



Be curious.

But please turn on your Right Brain.

We need you in business.

I’d love to hear your comments on how you intend to you your right brain more.

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