Inertia is your enemy and Momentum is your friend

Why do sporting teams ‘get a run on’ and score in quick succession.

And why does it seem easier to exercise after doing it for a few weeks?

In business, why do we seem to pick up three new clients or customers in a row?

It turns out that inertia is your enemy and momentum is your friend.

Inertia is a tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged. In physics, it is where a property continues in its existing state unless that state is changed by an external force.

So, inertia left unattended, keeps you stuck where you are.

And that’s exactly why you need to introduce an external force to move things.

Momentum is created once we move into action.

The sporting team introduces new tactics which creates a change or imbalance in the existing dynamics. This propels them forward and allows them to score. The psychological impact of this creates a new belief within the team providing flow and rising energy. Momentum is created and results in a series of quick scores. The external force here is a change in tactics and mindset.

With fitness, it is not that it is easier to exercise after a few weeks of training. It is the same on any given day. However, what has shifted is the adoption of a habit to exercise, which when repeated creates momentum. The external force at work here is the adoption of a new habit - repeated.

In business, a period of ‘busyness’ can often lead to a drop in marketing or business development activity. When the period of busyness inevitably slows, there is often a lack of forward demand. The well-worn saying of ‘the best time to market is when you are busy’ is a truism. When a series of business development activities are executed, time passes and then several new clients come onboard. Often, we think of this as lucky or happenstance that created a momentum to winning new business. The external force at work here is the execution of the business development activities several weeks or months ago. The winning of the clients is just the crystallization of the past marketing work coming to fruition.

So inertia sucks.

Momentum rocks.

Creating momentum is an amazing thing and can really change your business and personal life.

But it starts with you moving from inertia to momentum.

What external forces are you going to introduce?

I’d love to hear your comments on how you intend to create momentum in your business.

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