Life Hacks of Successful Business Owners

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Data is power
Regular discipline of reviewing financial reports, data analysis, scoreboards and key metrics.

Cashflow is King
Cashflow is reviewed daily/weekly/monthly routinely within the business.

Morning Routines
Stretches, exercises, daily journal and meditation. Set the day up for success.

Exercise is scheduled as meetings in the diary.

Sleep a minimum of 7-8 hours per night.

Do not look at laptop after dinner. No screens 45 minutes after waking and before sleeping.

Reading for 30 minutes prior to sleep slows brain activity and optimizes sleep pattern.

Talent acquisition
We are always recruiting.

Talent retention
Look after your people and they will look after you.

Proactively seek out new relationships and opportunities while ensuring existing relationships are nurtured.

In choosing between generosity and frugality, choose generosity.

Be reciprocal in your behaviour in supporting those loyal to you.

Being honest means never having to remember anything.

Trust before being deceived. Assume misunderstanding before malice.

Customer acquisition
Great people know great people.

Customer retention
A Customer Care Model is alive within the business.

Benefit of the doubt
People fail. Give people chances provided they learn from them.

You get to know someone better over a long lunch than you do in a year of working together.

Serve an apprenticeship of 7-10 years in your chosen field and complete your 10,000 hours before starting business.

Work ethic
Adopt the work ethic of a diamond miner, particularly during your apprenticeship.

Possess the inner strength to keep going when others give up.

Self-motivation is limitless and there is a big engine under the hood.

An unequivocal commitment exists to deliver.

Game Plan
Develop, draft and implement a winning game plan. Repeat it with periodic enhancement tweaks.

Stakeholder Quadrant
Fertilize and nurture winning relationships between customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers.

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