Listen To Your Heart When Choosing Your New Projects

I’ve been helping clients with their annual strategic planning for the start of the new financial year.

It’s always a busy period but I enjoy the renewal of looking ahead at a new year of possibilities.

I too have been reflecting on the year ahead and what I want to achieve.

What projects do I want to work on?

Which projects go live and which projects stay on hold?

And this got me thinking about the head and the heart.

My strategic planning often starts with my head swimming in ideas. These ideas culminate in identifying various projects that land on my project board.

Some are business projects.

Some are creative projects.

Some are passion side-projects.

Within these projects, some may be financially lucrative, some neutral and some cost me money.

They are all important to me.

But I can’t do them all this year.

What I’ve found powerful upon reflection is that I need to listen to my heart more in determining the projects I work on.

The head pushes on with facts, figures and analysis. There are business cases and spreadsheets.

However, what I find so interesting is the quiet role the heart plays in the background.

I’ve learnt to listen to it.

It starts off slowly but builds to a crescendo.

My heart is telling me what I am drawn to, despite the head attempting to overrule it.

And in the end, I can’t fight it.

The head might win a round of the battle. But the heart ends up winning on points.

Of course, we must find a balance between our head and our heart in making important decisions on where to focus our attention.

But I think our heart tells us what we truly should be working on.

Listen to your heart more.

It’s a great compass.

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