Separate Creating & Editing To Deliver Your Best Work

I spent four years writing my book The Fourth Moon and I learnt a lot of things. Not all of them were about writing and publishing.

Many of the lessons equally apply to business.

I’ll never forget a lesson I learnt from the Senior Editor of my publishing company.

Don’t edit when you are creating.

Let me pull this apart for you.

When you are creating content, you need to find ‘flow’ and let it all hit the page. The good, the bad and the ugly. You have to mine rock to find diamonds. This is at the heart of creativity.

In creative mode, you are using the right brain. You need to let it twist and turn as you muse over creating your idea.

Creativity cannot be interrupted by editing where you constantly correct typos, fix the font and change an adjective.

Editing in creative mode kills the romance. It snuffs it out.

So Rule #1 is don’t edit when creating.

But once you’ve finished creating and have a draft or a prototype, it’s now time to edit.

Editing requires use of the left brain where you analyse, critique and correct. It requires a methodical and disciplined series of steps to polish those rough diamonds.

While editing, don’t go off on tangents and start creating new content. That interrupts the structured job of correcting errors, typos and nonsensical ramblings. You need to systematically edit from start to finish without interruption.

Thus Rule #2 is don’t create when you are editing.

Separating creating and editing is just as applicable in business as it is in writing.

When creating products and services, or content for your business, split your work into creating and editing. The outcome will be enhanced.

Let your bright brain run wild as you create great content.

Then change gears to let your left brain take over to mould and shape the final product.

Don’t mix the two modes up as you’ll risk losing that important creative thought or critical edit.

Separate creating and editing in your work and deliver your best work to the universe.

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