Big Moments

I was listening to an elite sport coach talk about big moments.

Big moments are what you train for and spend your career preparing for.

All of your training, preparation and time is put into being your best in these big moments.

Then the parallel to business hit me.

Most of our weeks and many of our days in business live within the bell curve of normality.

‘Business as usual’ is the norm.

This is universally the same for all of us.

However, it is what high achievers do when the big moments arrive that sets them apart.

High achievers are always prepared for the big moments to come.

They live for the opportunity to perform when a big moment presents.

Big moments might arrive a few times a year and just several times a decade.

Big moments in business commence with you surviving the start-up phase.

Appointing your first employee.

Winning your first six-figure customer.

Opening an interstate office.

Being a keynote speaker.

Starting a charity.

Writing a book.

Taking on a business partner.

Starting another business.

Offering equity to your team.

Finding a suitable buyer for your business sale.

Nobody really knows when a big moment will present.

But high achievers are always ready.

They have spent their 10,000 hours on the path to mastery.

Instincts have been honed and monitored for identifying emerging big moments.

The mind has scenario-planned a myriad of possible outcomes and mapped decision paths.

Then the big moment arrives.

And the anticipation of this moment and the required action is executed effectively and efficiently.

These big moments are often life changing.

What are you doing to prepare yourself for the next big moment?

Are you proactively reviewing and updating your game?

Will you be prepared for the nest big moment?

What are you going to do?

Be ready.






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