The Follow Up

You are introduced to a new contact through a mutual friend. After a great conversation, they offer to contact you for a coffee to follow up.

They take your card and commit to following up in the coming days.

And then……. nothing.

This phenomenon of people not following up on promised actions staggers me.

I would estimate that between one in ten to one in twenty people actually follow up on these commitments. That’s just 5-10% of people.

The follow up presents itself in many forms.

“I’ve got a contact that can help you with that. I’ll send through their details”

“Have you read the book by the leading authority on that subject? I’ll send you my copy”

“I subscribe to a blog on business writing, I’ll send through a link”

“I’ll invite you to the next roundtable in our boardroom”

The follow up is a critical part of your personal brand.

They say first impressions count and it’s true.

By just following up, you are immediately placing yourself in the top 5-10% of people who action these promises.

It says you honour your commitments.

It also promotes the spirit of reciprocity.

Reciprocity is the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.

When you follow up and do people a favour, they are moved to think how they can help you.

However, following up isn’t about delivering on your promise so that people owe you favours.

Following up represents what you stand for.

I take great pleasure in following up on sharing a contact, making a personal introduction, referring work, posting a book, sharing a resource or meeting up.

It is a joy to share.

And it hopefully helps people.

Because after all, we are all here to serve.

It also gives me comfort in the knowledge that I kept my commitment.

So, make sure you do the follow up.

Be in the top 10% of people who actually deliver on their promises.

It’s catching.

Now go follow up.

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