Permission 2.0 – Unleashing you and your team on alternative projects

Oh, how hardwired our brains are.

All that conditioning over so many years.

We are so confident on what we need to do.

Our diaries, work schedules and to-do-lists are primed with rich content that ensures we do our best work.


What if we are wrong?

Or just a little bit wrong in the allocation of our precious finite time.

I believe it is guilt that blocks us from allowing ourselves permission to do our best work.

Guilt around allocating time to projects that may not fly.

Guilt around stopping work on what we are conditioned to believe is the work.

Guilt around the perception of others about our focus and priorities.

Am I getting warm?

I know. It’s hard to overcome decades of conditioning and layers of hardwired guilt but indulge me.

What if there was a safe way to trial allowing you and your team permission to work on alternative projects.

Safe. Trial. Let’s call it Permission 2.0

Using Permission 2.0, we introduce a trial allowing us and selected team members to allocate an amount of their working week to alternative projects.

The trial could run for 3,6 or 12 months to be ongoing. A minimum six-month trial would suffice.

Under permission 2.0, individuals can choose any project they wish to as along as it is legal, safe and only costs the business their time.

Under Permission 2.0, individuals can work on their project for a ½ day per fortnight. The only other rule is that they must fulfil their normal duties and report to the team on the alternative project progress in monthly team meetings.

Should a project show merit during the trial, you and the team can ‘green-light’ the project and commission it for implementation. Commissioning would include allowing the team member to be project champion and may include  budget funding.

The upside of Permission 2.0 is that you have a framework, with permission and support, to pursue those alternative projects that kick around inside your head. Through the work on alternative projects, drive and motivation should increase productivity. Project champions may be born because of one or more successful alternative projects. Business performance is also likely to increase through innovation.

Should Permission 2.0 deliver winning outcomes in the trial period, consider increasing the allocated working hours to it.

If the alternative project doesn’t progress and catch fire, the project can be ceased after the trial period. No judgement. Just shelved.


If the Permission 2.0 overall trial does not show any results after six to twelve months, the entire program can be shelved.

Massive upside.

Limited downside.

Consider Permission 2.0 thinking in your business.

Draft and adopt a trial.

Monitor progress and results monthly with your team.

Let me know what alternative projects rock your world.

Email me at to schedule a meeting (at no cost or obligation) to discuss how I can help you achieve your business and personal goals this financial year.