Who's In Your Circle of Excellence?

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High achievers have a Circle of Excellence.
Do you?

A Circle of Excellence (COE) is a hand-picked group of best-in-class specialists in their field of expertise. 

Successful SME owners start assembling their COE early in their careers through trial and error and may take decades to assemble.

The power of the COE is in shared values, humility, expertise and trust.

High achievers know their strengths and weaknesses. They know what they are good at and want to spend more time executing their mastery.

But they also understand their shadow side contains their weaknesses. Rather than try valiantly to master those skills, they are humble and smart enough to delegate these to members of their COE.

They empower their COE to attend to their non-core activities with full respect and engagement.

They trust their COE implicitly and seek their wisdom and guidance regularly.

 In fact, their COE is part of their overall success strategy.

It frees successful SME owners up to be their best and spend 80% or more of their time on their core-genius.

They are happy to share opportunities generously with their COE. And their COE reciprocates this with loyal and outstanding service. Often way beyond the call of duty.

It is a symbiotic relationship that leads to outstanding business relationships and often life-long friendships.

Having a dynamic COE is one of the secret ingredients to sustainable success in business.

I have a COE and I am regularly having coffees, breakfasts, lunches and dinners with specialists with the aim of recruiting them for my clients.

Some examples might help you reflect on your COE.

The COE I have assembled for my clients includes:

  • Small, medium and large accounting firms
  • A specialist mid-market law firm
  • A merger & acquisition specialist law firm
  • A specialist life insurance and risk advisor
  • A general insurance broker
  • A talent recruiter and trainer
  • A finance and banking expert
  • A sale of business broker
  • A psychologist

This COE has been built over twenty years and my clients constantly benefit from introductions to my COE.

I encourage you to review your COE and I’m happy to introduce specialists to you should you have the need.

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All the best,

Darren K Bourke

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