The Goldilocks Principle

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Implementing business strategy needs to be fluid. It rarely works immediately. Strategy is tricky.

The key is to not get stressed and lose motivation when it doesn’t stick the first time.

Adopt the Goldilocks Principle.

Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears?

Goldilocks enters the bears’ house and finds three bowls of porridge. The first was too salty, the second bowl too sweet. But the third bowl was just right.

Then Goldilocks comes across three chairs. She sits in the first chair but finds it too high. Sitting in the second chair, it’s too low. But the third chair is just the right height for Goldilocks.

Next, she sees their beds. Lying in the first bed, she finds it too hard. The second bed too soft. And you guessed it, the third bed is just right.

Goldilocks falls asleep in the comfy third bed only to be awoken with a shock when the three bears arrive home. Startled, she jumps out the window and is never seen again.

I implore you to think of implementing your strategy under the Goldilocks Principle.

Implementation might take three attempts.

The first attempt doesn’t quite stick. You missed a few steps and rushed.

Too salty.

On the second attempt, you got the implementation steps right and talked to your team but weren’t decisive enough in ensuring they must comply with your strategy.

Too sweet.

But on your third attempt, your processes and people synchronized with your strategy and it worked. It stuck.

Just right.

Strategy doesn’t always take several attempts to be implemented, but it often can.

Be kind to yourself.

Three bears won’t come crashing in to your office. You won’t need to jump out of the window.

Use the Goldilocks Principle to remind yourself that implementing strategy isn’t a perfect science.

Implementation is often too salty or too sweet.

But it tastes great when you get it just right.

PS: It was fantastic to share breakfast with a group of motivated and engaging SME Owners at the first SME HUB Breakfast last month.

Everyone contributed and we spoke about a myriad of employee challenges including how to manage long-term employees that have lost motivation, appraising non-performing staff and incentivizing and rewarding high performers.

Next month, I'll be discussing one of the biggest challenges in Business - Money. Bring along your questions I’ll workshop it live for you.

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